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Disney Released The First Photos Of 'Star Wars Land' And People Are Pumped

Disney Released The First Photos Of 'Star Wars Land' And People Are Pumped
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Updated 11 months ago

Back in April, Disney released the concept art for their two 14 acre parks dedicated to everything Star Wars at Disneyland in California and Disney World in Florida. It's fair to say that nerds everywhere were pretty excited about Star Wars Land, and now, we have photos. 

In a blog post, Disney shared photos of their model of the parks, which will be on display this weekend at the 2017 D23 Expo. According to an earlier post, the parks are a role-playing experience set on a distant frontier planet. 

In the most recent post, Disney wrote that the parks will "transport guests to a never-before-seen planet, a remote trading port and one of the last stops before Wild Space, where Star Wars characters and their stories come to life."

The post continues:

"Here, guests will find themselves in the middle of the action at two  signature attractions: one that lets guests take the controls of  Millennium Falcon on a customized secret mission, and an epic Star Wars adventure that puts guests in the middle of a climactic battle between the First Order and the Resistance." 

On Twitter, Disney D23 shared a massive photo of the entire model, which looks pretty incredible. 

And press who got an early look at the model shared videos.

Honestly, 2019 can't come soon enough. 

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