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Former NASA Engineer Builds World's Biggest Super Soaker Just In Time For Summer

Former NASA Engineer Builds World's Biggest Super Soaker Just In Time For Summer
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Updated 11 months ago

Mark Rober is former NASA engineer who previously worked on the Curiosity Rover. Nowadays he spends much of his time making some pretty cool things on YouTube.

Recently, he designed the world's largest Super Soaker. It is seven feet long and, yes, it is as powerful as it looks. 

When using most Super Soakers the worst thing that will happen is that someone would get slightly damp. Rober's, however, can do some serious damage. The device shoots water at 243 MPH and 2,400 PSI which is eight times as powerful as a fire hose. It is powerful enough to cut straight through wood and shatter glass. So this is not your average children's toy.

It took Rober six months to build his super soaker. He started out with a wooden frame and then added foam and a paint job to give it that iconic Super Soaker look. Under the hood are two giants tanks. One is filled with water and the other is filled with nitrogen. While time consuming, the whole thing isn't too complicated to build, so if you are looking for your next DIY project, there you go. 

This super soaker is actually a follow up to another invention of his from last summer where he built the world's largest Nerf gun. Like his water gun, this one was powerful enough to shatter glass which seems to defeat the purpose of a Nerf gun. 

He also made a dartboard that will always give him a bullseye but never allow his opponent to even touch the board. Here he is playing a pretty lopsided match against Jimmy Kimmel. 

If you'd like to see more of Mark Robber's inventions, and you should because that are all great, be sure to check out his YouTube channel. 

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