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These Photos Of The Northern Lights Will Help You Connect With Mother Nature

These Photos Of The Northern Lights Will Help You Connect With Mother Nature
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Updated 1 year ago

When you think about everything humanity's accomplished, it's astounding. The fact that we have communication devices in our hands that can pretty much guide us to anywhere we want to go in the world, and can give us access to pretty much all of the knowledge humanity has amassed, is nothing short of amazing.

But sometimes, stopping to appreciate what mother nature's created is pretty darn great, too.

Which is exactly what Michigan residents did late Sunday night when they spotted this stunning view of the Northern Lights above the Mackinac Bridge.

Dustin Dilworth of D3 Imagery captured this amazing shot between 2:30 and 3:15 in the morning.

"When everybody gave up and started leaving, we knew the show would soon begin!" 😉 Shot between 2:30-3:15am in Mackinaw City.  

The view from the bridge definitely stands out, but there were other photographers who managed to capture some absolutely breathtaking photos of the celestial phenomenon.

There's something undeniably magical about them.

The range of colors is spectacular, from blue to green to purple...I mean, just wow.

These natural wonders aren't as rare as you'd think, either. Here's a shot from this past May that's just awesome.

Just goes to show that if you take a second to look up and get a breather from our daily routines, you might just be surprised by something beautiful. (h/t lansing state journal)

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