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Police Officers Foster Homeless Family's Dog Until They Find Permanent Housing

By Mark Pygas

Pensacola Police Department officers Kesley Isenberg and Zach Harris received a call on Friday that there was a homeless mother with three children and a dog living under an interstate in downtown Pensacola, Florida. 

Isenberg told WEARTV that when the pair arrived, he found that the family were "sleeping in the dirt, no food, no shelter whatsoever." After speaking to mother, he found out that she was the victim of "terrible circumstances and a lot of rotten luck."

The officers took the family to the EscaRosa Homeless Coalition and they found a shelter for the family, but there was a problem. Henry, the family chihuahua, wouldn't be allowed. That's when Isenberg went beyond the call of duty and offered to foster Henry until the family could get back on their feet and find somewhere more permanent.