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Source: Twitter

Man Mails Best Friend Memes While She's At Boot Camp

By Aimee Lutkin

A freelance photographer named Khlaed Kharma is attracting attention on Twitter for going above-and-beyond to keep his friend connected to the Internet. The Internet is our universal BFF, so you can understand why people find it touching that Khaled would take the trouble to keep his buddy Jasmin updated on memes as she attends Air Force boot camp in Texas. 

Khaled told BuzzFeed that he and Jasmin usually share memes all day, but while she's training she does't have access to her phone. He decided to find a much slower workaround. Khlaed tweeted out pictures of memes he printed for Jasmin, and they went viral:

What's especially wild is Jasmin probably only just received the care package, since Khaled only mailed it from New Jersey on Tuesday. She doesn't even know it is an Internet sensation! 

Because everyone loves it: