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Source: Twitter

This 'Harry Potter' Themed Starbucks Is A Dream Come True


Harry Potter has a real cult following, from the books to the movies, to the author, to pretty much anything having to do with wizards.  It seems that anything done in reference to wizards and/or Harry Potter can do no wrong.  There are theme parks, more books and movies, clothing lines, and so many other ways to monetize coming out every day.  I guess its a good strategy when people are obsessed with something to really just monetize and squeeze every penny out of it until it goes out of style.  That is pretty much the reason why people keep remaking old movies or just come up with every lame strategy that has to do with something that has already been done.  Sometimes, there are some interesting collaborations around things that people love that make people think about it and really want to try it.  Perhaps wizardry and coffee anyone?

With San Diego Comic-Con is in full swing and everyone wants in on the action. According to The Hollywood Reporter, a local Starbucks in Hilton Bayfront has made their eatery Harry Potter themed in honor of the weekend's special devotion to all things magical. They even changed their doorway to look like the entrance to Platform 9 3/4, but this ride takes you to caffeine town instead of Hogwarts.

The place has paid remarkable attention to detail, with lots of special signs that all true Harry Potter fans will likely lose their minds over, much like reporter Sydney Bucksbaum who has been going wild on Twitter: