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Confused Shopper Tried To Return Squash He Thought Was Cheese And It Did Not Go Well

By Mark Pygas

We've all made mistakes. But some mistakes far outshine others in their stupidity. Sometimes we are just not really paying attention and we realize after we do something that it was dumb.  Just a brain fart or a simple oversight and we laugh about it later.  Other times, it takes someone calling us out on our mistake, where we might not have realized what the consequences would be, but either understand the err of our ways, or disagree and fight that it was not a mistake, only to be proven wrong and feel worse later.  Then there are times where the mistake just can't really be explained.  It could be a complete oversight that just leaves people shaking their heads, at which point we will of course lie and try to talk our way out of.  These instances really do require some quick thinking as a lie needs to be thought up quickly and it has to make some semblance of sense or else there is some serious embarrassment that will have to be dealt with.  It's even worse when it involves people you don't know and complete strangers because this is their first and only impression of you.  

James Dator, a writer for SBNation, was at the grocery store recently when he overheard a customer complaining that he'd mistaken a massive bag of diced butternut squash for a massive bag of diced cheese. Dator live tweeted the hilarity that ensued.

And yes, somehow he made it their fault, not his.