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Source: Twitter

Twitter Can't Get Over These Hilarious Text Messages About A Cow For Sale


One thing that is very cool about the Internet is that you get to see things that people never would have come across back in the day. Before the Internet, if you wanted a small glimpse into someone else's life, there had to be great measures taken — whether it was in the form of actually communicating with them (crazy, we know) or hoping you could catch the thing you're interested in featured, like, in the news or an encyclopedia or something. It was wild (or so I'm told). Nowadays, these funny moments that allow us glimpses into people's lives are a dime a dozen — but that doesn't make them any less interesting to us. Take, for instance, this latest exchange to go crazy on Twitter. 

As it happens, Twitter user @Itsyaaboysb posted the funniest cow-related text exchange I've ever seen. (I'm not saying I've seen a lot of cow-related texts... but I am saying I have hard time believing they could top this one.) Anyway, they allege that someone printed their number in a Craigslist ad about a heifer for sale, which has resulted in the "worst morning" of their life. He has some of the receipts, like screenshots from a million people asking about this dang cow: