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Source: Twitter

This College Student Went Viral For Having A Last Name That's Hard To Wedding Hashtag


There are so many different directions a wedding hashtag can take; they can be fun and cute and give you serious envy, or they can be downright cringey and embarrassing. In any case, it's a new wedding tradition that has sort of taken on a life of its own in the digital age, but — if we're being honest with ourselves — we're here for it. It's nice to see a celebration that is, like, basically as old as time get a fun face lift. On the flip side, wedding hashtags are also just a new and fresh thing to stress about when it comes to your wedding — and anyone who has gotten married recently can probably relate to the potential fear of not having a cute hashtag to mark their big day. 

We're not kidding, people: Fear of not being able to have an adorable wedding hashtag is real, and the sum of those fears is here. I present: college student Steven Kleinschmidt. 

Kleinschmidt joins me and many other cursed souls in having a last name that doesn't exactly conjure romance. And his tweet about his un-punable last name has not only gone viral, but it has also brought people with equally as difficult last names to the table, commiserating over how they'll be able to make a cute reference to their union with last names like "Swartzentruber" — a man who definitely felt Mr. Kleinschmidt's pain on a very personal level.