Guy Posts Video Of 'Haunted' Hotel Room And The Internet Is Spooked



Superstition has been around for as long as humans have. We know this from the crazy 'spirits' that were found on cave drawings to recent phenomenons like Big Foot and the Loch Ness Monster and a number of other conspiracy theories that have been embraced and popularized by pop culture over the years.

No one really knows why this stuff captivates us. As humans evolved and got smarter throughout the years, our skepticism for things ranging from the earth's place in the universe, how old the planet actually is, and whether or not God actually exists have been repeatedly studied, challenged, and debated until we've all reached our individual conclusions.

The Abominable Snowman though? You'll probably find plenty of people who believe he still terrorizes the snowy mountains on the reg. Area 51 is still a secret government base where aliens are either kept or communicated with to many people, and don't even get us started on things like ghosts, Jins, and other beings that occupy our planet at either a different frequency or alternate dimension.\

Perhaps the capacity to be able to believe that these things exists fuel our drive to study them and find out. After all, at one point it was accepted as fact that the earth was the center of existence until the day came that some people just wanted to make sure of that.

There's a logical, scientific, explanation for everything. At least there was until Frank Ramirez from Corpus Christi, Texas, posted a video from inside a haunted hotel room. Ramirez was staying in a motel in Harlingen, Texas, when strange things started happening. 

First, it was a phone falling of its cradle, which was odd, but probably nothing. Then a cup fell on the floor, and things started getting spooky. That's when Ramirez decided to start filming...

GHOSTS ARE REAL. Ramirez's video seems to have spooked quite a few people, getting over 7.5 million views and nearly 100,000 shares in a few days. But yes, there were some skeptics. Several users accused Ramirez of staging the video and using fishing wire to make everything move. Ramirez posted another video debunking that theory...

And to verify Ramirez' video, another Facebook user, Abel Fonseca II, booked the same hotel room. First, the television turned itself on...

And then a towel started moving around the floor...

And just to top things off, the toilet flushed itself. 


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