This Woman's 'Genius' Parking Ticket Hack Doesn't Have Twitter Convinced



No one likes a parking ticket. It can completely ruin your day. One of the worst feelings any driver has experienced is that walk back to their car and seeing a bright orange or yellow slip of paper on their windshield. Knowing that you're probably about the get fined for forgetting to put an extra dime in the machine always feels pretty crappy.

Which is probably why people come up with such creative ways to avoid being slapped with a ticket, like this one Twitter user who thinks she's being slick parking her car illegally and slapping a "ticket" on it already in the hopes of not getting another one. It's a pretty clever way to deter the parking attendants from giving you "another" one:

Now that might work if a meter-maid doesn't check the details of the ticket, but there are tons of people on Twitter who aren't sold on the idea of this trick helping them avoid paying a hefty fine. It also probably requires a pretty green parking attendant to pull off as most seasoned vets won't fall for it.

Others think the idea is a brilliant one.

And even offered their own variations on this genius ploy. Some of these make the first one look like amateur hour cause these guys are top notch.

Some took it even further, though, and went and slapped a fake boot on their car. That'd dedication to the cause. You're almost better off just paying the freaking fine at that point.

Which is next level parking fine-avoidance.

Or you could just park legally, but who's got time for that? We do applaud her on the creativity, are any of your brave enough to give this technique a try? Worth a shot, right?

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