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Source: Amazon

Alexa Will Now Play 'Baby-Making' Music For You, In Case You Need An AI Wingman


Amazon's Alexa offers some scary propositions to our near future. Think about it. If you've seen Terminator, you'll know that it's only a matter of time before we make machines so advanced that they rise up against us. They're already beating us at Jeopardy and chess. Despite the threat of a mechanical revolution, we're all more than happy to put home assistants like Amazon's Echo in our homes to make ordering groceries that little bit easier.  But what about playing music that fits the "mood" of what you're in. (yes we're talking about THAT mood)

Amazon unveiled 500 new voice commands for its virtual assistant Alexa this week, and that includes the ability to make Alexa play music that's catered to your mood. And one of those moods is for sensual times. That's right -- Alexa can now soundtrack your next roll in the hay. Like we said, the future is scary!

That's right—now you can ask Alexa to play "baby-making music" or "hooking up music" AND SHE WILL. Now, not to compare two strong, intelligent women, but has SIRI ever been this good of a wingman? I don't think so. Maybe a bit too much for us.