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You Will Want To Eat All These Stoner Recipes Even If You're Stone Cold Sober


When you're drunk and/or stoned, then you oftentimes come up with the craziest things in the world to eat. Decency goes out the window and the only thing on your mind is the hunger. Pouring a bunch of cocoa pebbles into a jar of natural peanut butter and eating it with a spoon while downing some almond milk? Totally natural. Breaking down captain crunch to use as breading for french toast and frying it up with some bacon and jam sandwiched between them? Sure, that'd make you puke if you were sober, but if you're stoned out of your mind, you might as well be eating at Peter Luger's.

A man named Tre Levon got very relaxed on Saturday night with a little herbal assist, BuzzFeed reports. He then got pretty hungry, as one does when taking such a cosmic journey. Levon Snapchatted his go-to munchies snack remedy, then tweeted the whole thing, and it's frankly inspirational: