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Guy Books Dates With 5 Girls At The Same Bar And They Got The Perfect Revenge

Guy Books Dates With 5 Girls At The Same Bar And They Got The Perfect Revenge
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10 months ago

For many people, the world of online dating is simply a numbers game, especially if you're a guy. Women receive a disproportionately larger amount of messages than men, so it makes "f-boys" pretty much spam as many accounts as possible on Tinder or OkCupid in the hopes of lining up a date for the night. But some guys take it to the next level and double book dates in the same night in order to increase their odds of getting laid. Which is about as bad as it sounds.

Now, if you are the kind of person who does that, then you might want to avoid the Mrs. Doubtfire end scene scenario and not double book dates in the same bar.

Something that this guy did, and will most likely regret for the rest of his life. Just read this epic twitter thread from user Lisette Pylant.

The guy didn't just double book this place. He TRIPLE booked it.

And now the savagery begins.

He tried to make amends, but she wasn't having it.

But the plot thickens, turns out homeboy QUADRUPLE BOOKED THE SAME BAR.

Make that....PENTUPLE BOOKED. OK, this guy must have a seriously good online dating game.

Things get even better.

Now, you're not going to believe the nerve of this dude.

The best part of the entire crazy situation is that all of the girls Mr. Project Manager invited out together seemed to be getting along swimmingly as a result of the whole debacle.

Other gals in the group texted photo evidence of the night, as well.

It was pretty much the perfect response to f-boyism.

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