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This Woman's Hilariously Bad Passport Photo Has The Internet In Tears



We've all had a terrible passport or driving license photo that's haunted us for years on end. Why do zits always wait until photo day to erupt into a mountain on your face? Truly one of the greatest mysteries of the universe. 

Of course, some times it's intentional. Just ask the guy who trolls the DMV every time he has to renew his license.  

Well, Chelsey Ramos, a 27-year-old from Austin, Texas, makes the rest of our passport photos look like professional photo shoots.  

Ramos is going on a trip to Germany soon for her boyfriend's 30th birthday. Her boyfriend, Reece Lagunas, had to apply for his first passport and Ramos had to get hers renewed. 

So the two headed to Costco to get photos taken. And while the photos turned out fine, this is what Ramos allegedly got back from the State Department...  

What happened to her head?! 

Lagunas posted the photo on Reddit, because who wouldn't. And people, of course, found it hilarious...

Lagunas told Buzzfeed that his girlfriend opened her passport, and immediately screamed, "Oh my f***ing they didn't!" 

"I ran in to see what was the matter and just started laughing," he added. "Uncontrollable giggling." 

Ramos immediately contacted the State Department and got a new passport that wasn't distorted. 

"The man that helped her was super helpful," Lagunas said. "I think he pulled up the photo on his computer and also had a laugh — told her it was obviously their mistake, and provided her with all the info to get it taken care of." 

In response to the post going viral, Lagunas told Teen Vogue

"We're just happy people think it's funny and it's been received positively. Both of the offices we work in had a lot of fun with it. Thankfully, it hasn't gone to her head." 

Now the world gets to see it, not just customs. 

Others took a break from the jokes to try and explain how this actually happened. 

Hopefully she'll get that fixed. 

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