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Source: twitter

Someone Threw A Baby Shower For Their Dog And People Want An Invite


Admittedly, it's kind of crazy to assume that animals appreciate or even recognize when we throw little adorable parties for them. But I would argue that yes, they totally do. Just google any photo of a dog at its birthday party or when someone's feeding them a special snack and look at the big smile on their face.

Do they throw these kinds of things for themselves in the wild? Absolutely not, but that's not what we're talking about here. We're talking about doing adorable things for adorable puppers who are good boys and girls and deserve all of the love that we can throw their way. Sure is it a bit selfish on our part because most of the times we just want to do it for our own edification and then post those pictures to Instagram and share with our friends and family who can gush over the cuteness that we forced these animals to partake in? Animals, we should mention, who we've stolen from their own species pool and trained over centuries to basically become slaves to humans? Yes, but still. it's cute.

We've seen dogs have their own maternity shoots, and be included in graduation shoots. But Twitter user Gisselle O. Suarezhas taken things to the next level by throwing her heavily pregnant dog, Winter, her very own baby shower. The California resident took to Twitter over the weekend to share photos from the party, which was held on the beach.