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Source: Twitter

People Shared What Their Favorite Public Statues Actually Are And It's Hilarious


The idea of a public statue or monument is kinda of silly to begin with. Sure, you want to memorialize a moment in time with a work of art, I get that, but don't they just ultimately become forgotten, enormous outdoor knick-knacks getting in the way of things you could better use the space for? Like, I don't know, a gigantic shuffleboard or checkers board or a permanent Twister mat to encourage strangers to get themselves all wrapped up around each other. That would make for an interesting, if not sweaty and gross summertime activity, but it looks like statues and not gigantic board games are here to stay.

Debate has been raging over the removal of Confederate statues from public property that celebrate generals like Robert E. Lee, who led an insurrection against the United States to protect slavery during the Civil War. The statues have also become symbolic of racial intolerance and oppression that persists in America, and protests over the statues have erupted in violence in recent weeks. 

Some cities are dealing with the issue by getting rid of them in the middle of the night, while some citizens are taking matters into their own hands. Everyone has an opinion on what's right or wrong in regards to the statues, but reporter for the Los Angeles Times, Matt Pearce, asked a very simple question: What statues do we like?