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Arnold Schwarzenegger Slams Nazis In Powerful Message

Arnold Schwarzenegger Slams Nazis In Powerful Message
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10 months ago

Arnold Schwarzenegger has been very, very vocal about what he perceives as Donald Trump's multiple failures during his presidency.

But the native Austrian's latest critique of Trump hits close to home as he was born only two years after the fall of Nazi Germany. 

So he went on camera to deliver a simple message for Donald Trump in the wake of his failure to take a strong stance against white supremacists and it's that, "The country that defeated Hitler's army is no place for Nazi flags."

The video was posted in response to Trump's statement that "both sides" were to blame for the violence in Charlottesville. Which is something Arnold explains just isn't possible. 

People praised the actor/Mr. Universe/former governor for his concise, direct message.

Others lamented the fact that they couldn't vote for Arnold.

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