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You Don't Need Special Glasses To Read These Very Funny Eclipse Tweets



It's difficult to understand why human beings are so fascinated with solar eclipses. Yes, it is a natural anomaly that is beautiful in its own way. You've got the moon covering the sun. You've got darkness out of nowhere when it's supposed to be light. You've got a bunch of children looking at it with these little pinhole glasses for the sake of science...or something. Good times for everyone involved but it doesn't really make much sense, now does it?

The Great American Eclipse is happening NOW, people (or it already happened. I don't know when you're reading this!). And the great thing about this eclipse is that while in the past, people had to just go "wow" at how beautiful it all is, now we can livetweet the eclipse for all our friends, for it is 2017 and America is already great.

And yeah, the eclipse is stunning, but not even as much as this joke, let's be real.

Or all the Twilight jokes.

Or when people noticed how weird all this eclipse fashion was. 

Just don't stare at these tweets too hard.

Happy two-minute magic darkness y'all! Now a scary thought would be if eclipses took way longer than that amount of time. What about a two hour eclipse? I wonder how we would feel about it then. Then again, you could always move to Alaska and do that 30 Days of Night thing. Personally, that doesn't seem too bad, I mean, you get to sleep in all of the time and not have to worry about the dumb light of sun blinding you when you wake up in the morning? Sounds like the perfect vacation scenario to me.

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