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Chocolate Lovers Will Freak Out Over These 'Topped' Pints Of Ben & Jerry's

Chocolate Lovers Will Freak Out Over These 'Topped' Pints Of Ben & Jerry's
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Updated 10 months ago

When it comes to ice cream innovation, Ben & Jerry's is always pushing the envelope.

I mean, the brand is notorious for coming up with creative, almost gratuitous amounts of fixins' in their flavors.

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And they're even willing to implement structural changes to their products, like by putting a solid core of caramel or brownie batter right smack dab in the middle of their pints.

But they've went and done it again. This time, by topping their delicious ice cream with a layer of fondant you have to crack through to get to all the dessert goodness that lies beneath.

Who says you have to pick just one? #Topped

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The "Topped" pints of ice cream debuted in London in three different flavors: Chocolate Caramel Cookie Dough, Strawberry Swirled, and Salted Caramel Brownie. The goodness doesn't just stop at the top, however, as the yummy ice cream is filled with the Vermont creamery's trademark abundance of goodies. 

Strawberry Swirled, for instance, contains milk nuggets, shortbread cookie chunks, swirled marshmallow and strawberry sauces, and is covered by a layer of white chocolate fondant.

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As of now, "Topped" pints are only available in the UK, but they should come to America eventually, just like the "Cores" did two years after initially launching in Europe. Hopefully we won't have to wait that long for this special goodness to come stateside. 

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