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The 20 Sweetest Things To Ever Happen At School

The 20 Sweetest Things To Ever Happen At School
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10 months ago

The high school I went to had a strict anti-bullying policy. So naturally kids were bullied all the time. I do really think that you can't force someone to be kind. You can only change the culture around them and make it a place where kindness thrives.

I realize that changing a culture is a monumental and near impossible task. One that most people would rather not undertake. Still, there are people who do it and try to make their schools a better place.

People like, well, these, people. 

2. Plus, now you do know Iron Man is looking out for you.
8. I wonder what my handshake would be.
11. This melts my frozen heart.
13. I feel like this is the most inspiring thing a teacher could say.
20. I mean, this one wins, right?
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