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This 14-Year-Old Boy Was Arrested For Dancing The Macarena At A Traffic Light

This 14-Year-Old Boy Was Arrested For Dancing The Macarena At A Traffic Light
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10 months ago

Hey, did you grow up in the '90s? If so, then you might remember this little dance number.

In fact, growing up in the '90s doesn't even have anything to do with it. This song, and the dance craze it started, is one of those corny social phenomenons that somehow manage to creep into every generation's radar. Kinda like the "Electric Slide" and the "Chicken Dance."

Now the worst thing the Macarena is responsible for is making a bunch of people look stupid at an open-bar wedding. But for this 14-year-old, it got him arrested.

Because the enthusiastic young chap decided to hold up traffic with his excited dance on Tahlia Street in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, authorities slapped some cuffs on him.

It didn't matter that people loved the kid's zest for life.

Because it wasn't enough to keep the police from nabbing him.

Saudi Arabia seems to have beef with public dancing. Recently, a singer from the country was arrested because he dabbed onstage. Dabbing is illegal in Saudi Arabia, thanks to the National Committee for Drug Control. The group banned the dab on the grounds that it alludes to or encourages drug abuse. The Macarena is likely considered taboo, as it's a Western, and not traditional, dance. 

It might seem crazy to consider the Macarena controversial but to be fair, those lyrics are way more scandalous than you might think.

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