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This 'Girlfriend Vs. Other Girl' Meme Is The Gift That Keeps On Giving

This 'Girlfriend Vs. Other Girl' Meme Is The Gift That Keeps On Giving
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Updated 10 months ago

There's a new meme in town and it's based off of this incredible stock photo.

You're probably thinking the same thing as everybody else when they see this photo: Why is this dude checking out a girl who looks almost exactly like his girlfriend? 

I mean, who says he's even checking out the other woman, and not just admiring his own taste in women with his current GF? But people have their own theories.

The strange-as-hell nature of the stock photo, as it turns out, lends itself perfectly for memes.

It can really be applied to any situation.

Any demographic.

They're just so easy to relate to.

Some even got all inception-ey.

But just remember...They are essentially the same person. Which adds a whole deeper meaning to this meme when you think about it.

Are we ever truly satisfied? Aren't we all this guy looking to external entities as sources for our own happiness?

Or is satisfaction a choice? A choice we have to struggle and make for ourselves? Man this meme is deep.

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