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Source: getty

Twitter Comedian Slams Steven Soderbergh For Comparing Film-Making To Sex

By Mark Pygas

Steven Soderbergh is probably best known for his Ocean's series of films where George Clooney charms his way through heists. You've got Matt Damon being treated like garbage for a few lines of dialogue, and Casey Affleck arguing with Scott Caan. Plus there's the gymnast guy who squeezes himself into a place and grabs the money. It's the same thing every single time, I think they've made like 9 of them by now.

The director isn't finding himself in hot water for Logan Lucky, which is basically a redneck version of the Oceans movies, but he's got a lot of people ticked off on the  internet after comparing film-making to sex. In an interview with The Guardian, said:

“I view it the way I view sex. If I accidentally give someone else pleasure during it, I’m fine with that.” 

The comment attracted some criticism from Twitter user Lana Del Raytheon, who responded with this gem...