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Source: Witchsy

These Women Made Up A Male Cofounder To Help With Their Startup

By Zachary Brenner

Last summer, Penelope Gazin and Kate Dwyer launched their curated online shop, Witchsy. They describe their site as an "ONLINE COMMUNITY FOR OUR FAVORITE ARTISTS, KNOWN AND UNKNOWN." Witchsy has done very well in it's first year selling $200,000 worth of merchandise. Their inventory is mostly made up of weird art and silly clothing. For example, this hat. 

Butts dad hat $28

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However, Gazin and Dwyer had a hard time getting things going. In an interview with Fast Company, Dwyer says, “When we were getting started, we were immediately faced with ‘Are you sure? Does this sound like a good idea?’ I think because we’re young women, a lot of people looked at what we were doing like, ‘What a cute hobby!’ or ‘That’s a cute idea.'”