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This Guy's Leg Got Caught In A Ridiculously Tiny Sinkhole

By Zachary Brenner

Imagine this. You're walking to work and then all of a sudden a giant hole opens up and swallows you whole. Scary, right? Now imagine that you're walking to work and then all of a sudden a tiny hole opens up and swallows you partially. Which of those is scarier? I honestly can't tell. 

Recently, a man in Brooklyn went through the latter experience. The unidentified man was walking to the auto repair shop where he works when a tiny hole opened up beneath up and his right leg fell right through. His co-worker, Joe Grunbaum, told reporters on the site what he saw. 

"From what I understand he was walking and the ground gave way. I ran over there and he was stuck in the ground, and the fire department was just arriving when I got there. It almost looked like he didn't have a leg. He seemed to be in a lot of pain."

The FDNY was able to safely rescue the man and they took him to Woodhull Hospital.