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JetBlue Won't Charge More Than $99 For A Direct Flight Out Of Florida

JetBlue Won't Charge More Than $99 For A Direct Flight Out Of Florida
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Updated 10 months ago

The only thing that makes natural disasters worse is how some businesses and companies react to them. Like, is there anything more exploitative and disgusting than price-gouging essential items in the face of human suffering?

Of course, a lot of people try to evacuate during natural disasters. But seeing as gas is insanely pricey, driving out might not be an option for a lot of people.

And they could take a plane, but then again, some airlines are doing this.

Even though businesses that engage in price-gouging are being heavily fined if reported, it hasn't seemed to stop some companies to risk the loss in favor of cashing in on huge mark-ups for necessary items like water and fuel.

But there's one company, JetBlue, that has decided to take the high road. In fact, not only will they not be price gouging their customers, they're also putting a cap on direct flights out of Florida at $99. They also have a maximum of $159 for connecting flights out of Florida, including government taxes. 

The airline was even proactive in offering customers affected by Irma refunds and waivers.

And it seems like their goodness is paying off in not just props from people on social media, but a lot of potential future customers, as well.

And if any of your travel plans were affected by Irma, you can get more information about waivers and refunds for the following airlines below:

Good on you, JetBlue.

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