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These Light-Up Skirts Let You Wear Your Favorite Constellations

These Light-Up Skirts Let You Wear Your Favorite Constellations
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Updated 10 months ago

If, for whatever reason, you've always wanted to wear the Milky Way on your legs, then you're in luck.

That's because the folks over at ThinkGeek have developed this awesome Twinkling Stars Skirt that's covered in constellations.

But that's not the best part. Because this bad boy actually lights up.

That's right, not only does this skirt look great on its own with a cool, blue ombre color, it packs a bunch of dazzling constellations thanks to some nifty tech.

250 tiny LED lights decorate the skirt that can be activated with a tiny switch tucked into the waistband. Sparkly, I know.

The video below shows you exactly how the skirt is constructed: the LEDs are fastened by sturdy wires and secured in layers of gauze so you know they aren't going anywhere in case you feel like twirling in the middle of the night and acting like a Disney princess. Because let's face it, if you cough up $60 for this thing (totally worth it in my book) you're going to do exactly that.

You're definitely going to leave people absolutely star-struck with this cool design. 

(h/t mashable)

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