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Man Shares Photo Of Fried Chicken Being Saved From Destruction And People Can’t Even



Matters of faith are very personal. You may believe in God, you may not, you may linger somewhere on the spectrum of spirituality. Whatever you may think about the possibility of a great Creator, let yourself believe in miracles for a moment. 

Behold! The fried chicken is SAVED!!! 

That chicken could be on the floor, and it's not. If that isn't a reason to celebrate the unseen hand that protects and guides us, what is? Twitter user @Can_Duece thought he'd lost his meal to the ground, but he was being tested. His faith has been reconfirmed with a hot dinner and viral fame. 

Everyone is seeing the power in this:

Though some have pointed out that God's ways are mysterious:

But He helps those who help themselves:

Praise the Great Sky Chicken, who gives us His body to eat!

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