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Today’s 'New Yorker' Cartoon Just Slammed Mark Zuckerberg Over The 2016 Election

By Aimee Lutkin

There's been a lot of talk about how Donald Trump was aided by Putin and Russian tech firms generally in his bid for the presidency. Somehow, none of this has yet led to the impeachment process, but the conspiracy hasn't left anyone untouched. That includes one of our most precious social media resources: Facebook.

On Wednesday, Facebook told congressional investigators that they had sold ads to a Russian "troll farm" that targeted American voters. Considering what you've probably been seeing on Facebook in the form of dank political memes and completely fake news, this probably isn't so shocking. But it does make Facebook look very, very bad. In the New Yorker cartoon published Monday, Mark Zuckerberg is getting taken to task for his relationship to Russia, and his old buddy, Putin: