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Olympic Skier Runs Through Mind-Blowing Training Course In This Video


Being an Olympic athlete is no joke. If you make it to the Olympics — or even make it far enough in your sport to train and be considered a contender for the Olympics — you have to be a top athlete in your country, prepared to take on the literal best competitors in the world. For most athletes, it would seem that they began playing the sport at an incredibly young age and just never stopped — with many (if not most) of them dedicating their entire lives to the sport. And once they start, they pretty much never stop perfecting their form and technique. 

Case in point: The Winter Olympics are next year and athletes are already in training. Take, for example, Andri Ragettli from Switzerland. The 19-year-old skier just posted a video of an obstacle course he made to help him with his balance and it is unbelievable. Even more unbelievable is that he is able to finish it. 

The video, which uses everything you'd find in a gymnasium, has all of us non-Olympians thinking the same thing. We are all going to stay non-Olympians. Which is all good  and fine, we'll just let the athletes do their thing, and we'll do our thing during the Olympics: aka get truly invested in patriotism and athleticism that we typically do not care about all that much, all in the name of some healthy, international competition. There's nothing like the Olympics to make you realize that you are incredibly passionate about curling! And you live and die by shot put! There is nothing that matters more to you than your country! U-S-A! U-S-A!