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Source: Twitter

Dame Judi Dench Carries Around A Fidget Spinner, And People Can’t Even


There are few things that we know to be irrevocably true. And one of those things is this: When things are dark, there is still Dame Judi Dench to cast a light!

Dench is currently promoting her new film Victoria & Abdul, in which she plays Queen Victoria yet again. During her press tour on Monday, a journalist asked if Dench had any new hobbies, because being one of the world's greatest living actresses isn't enough. Her co-star Ali Fazal jumped in to enlighten us all.

"She owns a fidget spinner. Judi Dench owns a fidget spinner! It's the coolest damn thing," he said. Calmly, Dench takes it out of her purse to show us, saying her grandson gave it to her. We know what you are thinking; we know you are probably sick of fidget spinners,  and sick of hearing about them, and you're probably still wondering what exactly the appeal is of the damn thing, and asking yourself how it became a phenomenon. We were asking ourselves the exact same thing, until we found out that Dame Judi Dench has one, and now we just get it. 

Seriously, it's perfect. 

What! Why is it so tiny? Why is she so great? Naturally, the Internet went wild.  

"With all of the crappiness going in, it's strangely comforting that Dame [Judi] Dench has a fidget spinner (and isn't afraid to spin it)," one person tweeted. Another added, "Dame [Judi] Dench owns the most chic fidget spinner, naturally." Seriously, we can not think of anything more fitting (or anything better) than this simple fact about Dame Judi Dench and her fidget spinner. Truly.