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Video Of Protesting Dreamers Crashing Nancy Pelosi Press Conference Appears Online

Video Of Protesting Dreamers Crashing Nancy Pelosi Press Conference Appears Online
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9 months ago

Democrat House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has been trying to negotiate with President Donald Trump over the fate of the almost one million people who are now potentially facing deportation after the Trump administration rescinded the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Program (DACA), which protects people brought to the United States as children. No resolution has been reached, but it has been circulated that Pelosi and other Democrats may save DACA by conceding to Trump's wish for a wall at the U.S. and Mexican border, or some other form of increased border security. This is not going over great.

The Washington Post reports that during a press conference on her meetings with Trump, Pelosi was interrupted by protestors:

Reporters on the scene said it was difficult to make out the ultimate demand of the protestors, but they were from local chapters of RISE, Faith in Action, and the California Youth Immigrant Justice Alliance. Their criticism extended beyond chants, demanding to know where Pelosi was when President Barack Obama was deporting people from the United States, which happened in high numbers during his presidency (though less than his predecessors).

Because of Pelosi's position at a press conference rather than up on a stage, it was difficult for her to avoid the melee:

Pelosi absconded from the event when chants continued without much dialogue, seemingly overwhelmed by the protestors vocalization. She later told reporters that she was frustrated that there wasn't support for Democrats and their efforts to save protections for immigrants.

“The Democrats are the ones who stopped their assault on sanctuary cities, stopped the wall, the increased deportations in our last bill that was at the end of April, and we are determined to get Republican votes to pass the clean DREAM Act,” she said. “Is it possible to pass a bill without some border security? Well, we’ll have to see. We didn’t agree to anything in that regard, except to listen and something that deals with technology or something like that – but nothing like a wall.”

Later, she added, “I wish they would channel some of that energy into the Republican districts so we can pass the Dream Act."

While it is likely a frustrating scenario for Pelosi, the protestors are right that compliance with Trump on the issue of border security in exchange for DACA is throwing some people under the bus in exchange for others. That may be a compromise good people do not want to make, or have made for them, by the Democratic party.

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