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Source: getty

Fan Photoshops Rihanna Because She 'Would Look More Beautiful' If She Were White

By Mustafa Gatollari

Twitter user @alexgracious says they were blocked by Rihanna after posting photoshopped pictures of the singer saying that she "would look so much more beautiful" if she were white. Which is as untrue as it is ridiculously offensive, but we just don't know what's wrong with some people. All we know for sure is that if they are going to say ludicrous and offensive things about Rihanna, they definitely deserved to be blocked by the music mogul — and get whatever is coming to them at the hands of Rihanna's legions of fans, known affectionately (and accurately) as her Navy. 

And as messed up as this whole thing is, it turns out that it is somehow more common than we may have realized. As it happens, RiRi isn't the only pop star that's been getting the whitewashing treatment on Twitter: Users are also uploading pictures of Beyonce rocking lighter skin, as well.