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Dentist Edits Himself Into 'Star Wars' To Promote His Practice In Viral Video

Dentist Edits Himself Into 'Star Wars' To Promote His Practice In Viral Video
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9 months ago

Any small business owner will tell you that it is hard to make yourself stand out and attract new customers. You can buy a radio ad or a billboard but everyone does that. Steve Abernathy from JS Abernathy Dental in Jonesboro, Arkansas decided to do something different. He edited himself into Star Wars.

The video, which takes clips from the climax of Star Wars, explains the process of using lasers in root canal treatment. It isn't quite the same as blowing up the Death Star but it is just as important in its own way. As he explains in the video, "Lasers aren't just for X-wings anymore."

So far it seems like the ad is working, with people already saying that they want to use his practice. 

I just ate a 5 lb sack of sugar and I will continue to do so every day until my teeth rot, just so I can go and have them fixed by this dentist!

Michael Kosenski

I feel like booking a trip to Arkansas just to get my teeth fixed by this man


Others think this is one of the best Star Wars films in years. 

This is quite possibly the most epic root canal commercial I have ever seen, the only one I will ever see, and the last one I will ever see.  In fact, I think I would rather watch THIS version of the original film before I would watch the "Special Edition" version.  

cjs wei

Still better than Rogue One.

Esaú Alberto Canto Novelo

But most people are just hoping that Doctor Abernathy is prepared for the possible lawsuit ahead. 

But my lord...is this.....LEGAL?

John Sangiorgio

Cease and Desist order in 3 - 2 - 1 ---

ohn Nagy

Why do I feel like I'm going to be sued by Disney for even viewing this thing?

Bruce Rowley

If you are in Jonesboro and are looking for some laser dentistry, you can learn more here

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