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Source: getty

Hillary Clinton Says It's Her Fault That Donald Trump Is President


I didn’t really get worried about the possibility of Trump becoming President until I started watching the 2016 debates. Yes, technically Hillary did everything right. Trump rambled on and his statements made little to no sense, while, for the most part, Clinton provided factually correct comments to the questions posed in the debate. 

But there really was no comparison when it came to entertainment factor, or a willingness to get dirty, which Trump clearly was all about. I kept waiting for Hillary to go for the jugular and not just settle for passive-aggressive jabs here and there. It’s one of the main reasons why I blamed her for not winning the election: with her acumen and resume, she should’ve wiped the floor with the clearly incompetent Trump. 

And now Clinton herself is taking the blame for the loss, and she says that she should’ve seen the Brexit vote as a sign of things to come in her own campaign.