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Viola Davis Is Writing A Sequel To A Classic Children's Book, And We're All For It

By Aimee Lutkin

Sometimes the universe takes two things you love and puts them together, as a special gift. Today's reminder that things aren't all bad comes in the form of Viola Davis and beloved children's book Corduroy.

Buzzfeed News reports that a sequel to Corduroy will be penned by Davis, and called Corduroy Takes a Bow. We'll be following the bear and his button as he takes his first trip to the theater, and the press release states Davis will be drawing on her own experiences as an actor who has been to many, many theaters:

Using her own experiences as a Tony Award-winning Broadway actress, Viola Davis writes the story of Corduroy and Lisa's first trip to the theater. Corduroy adventures off on his own, and readers follow his escapades as he explores all over—from the orchestra pit to the costumes rack to the props table and ultimately on to the stage itself, before being reunited with Lisa.