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Keith Olbermann Praises Eminem, Gets A Rap History Lesson From Twitter

Keith Olbermann Praises Eminem, Gets A Rap History Lesson From Twitter
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8 months ago

Eminem's takedown of Donald Trump in his recent, epic freestyle is earning the singer tons of praise. If you haven't heard it, well, give yourself four and a half minutes because it's awesome.

The ballsy move from the rapper could alienate a lot of his fans who support Trump, but it's probably just that discomfort Em is going for and his willingness to risk his career that have people applauding the diss track.

Among the newfound "Em believers" is journalist Keith Olbermann, who said Em's freestyle was the best political writing of the year.

But the comment had a lot of hip hop fans scratching their heads.

They wanted to know why in the heck it took 27 years of dismissing politically aware rappers before Em finally converted him into "accepting" hip hop.

Some even went so far as to call Em's freestyle a "fake rap."

Others felt like the ire towards Olbermann for his comments weren't justified.

But others weren't letting up, saying that the origin of rap itself was born out of civil disobedience.

While others used the opportunity to crack jokes.

The criticism didn't dissuade Olbermann from his comments, however.

What do you think? Did Olbermann put his foot in his mouth? Or are people overreacting to his lack of hip hop knowledge?

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