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Source: Twitter

Eninem's BET Video Is The Meme We've All Been Waiting For


Rapper Eminem isn't known for being one to mince words. Through his 20 year career he's never been shy about engaging other artists in diss tracks, public feuds, or even calling them out on social media. Oddly enough he even once had a feud with Insane Clown Posse that actually wasn't resolved until years later when he ICP and his crew D12 had it out in a bowling game to bury the hatchet. (yes, this is actually a thing) Perhaps the most recent beef has been with Machine Gun Kelly who got absolutely roasted by Em after Kelly released a track called Rap Devil, a direct play on Eminems huge hit 'Rap God' which many people thought was unwise. Especially since Kelly was a former fan boy who begged him to give him a shout out.

So it probably comes at no surprise that the out spoken Eminem doesn't like Donald Trump. His policies aren't exactly uncontroversial and Em has been a very vocal enemy of the US President.

At the BET Hip-Hop awards, Eminem released a video in which he totally trashed the president and it went extremely viral. But a new edit of the song is going viral for completely different reasons.

Twitter user @RodriguezDaGod shared a version of the piece that's basically just Eminem's long pauses, which are scattered throughout the rap. He certainly didn't hold back in his epic slam on the President.

It's pretty funny on its own, but also captioned perfectly for ease of reading: