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Source: iStock/Twitter

Vox's Liz Plank Creates A New Hashtag To Shift The Conversation About Sexual Assault

By Aimee Lutkin

Liz Plank is a reporter for Vox who is asking everyone to reconsider the viral #MeToo posts currently filling everyone's timelines with stories about sexual assault and harassment. That hashtag is being used for survivors to show each other that they're not alone, and to also display how widespread the problem is. Plank is saying that she is tired of survivors having to come forward with their stories, rather than the perpetrators being named, and asked to do something about rape culture, using the hashtag #HimThough.

It's an important movement for a few reasons, most importantly to raise awareness that this isn't just something you have to go through alone. Many survivors can find solace in each other and talk about their experiences without any fear of being alone. It's a big movement that is one of the most positive hashtag trends we've seen in awhile. It gives these women a chance to not only help other survivors, but show the collective whole what a big issue this is for women, and how its something they face on a daily basis.