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Twitter Users Are Summing Up The Republican Party In Brutal One-Sentence Takedowns

By Omar Rimawi

The landscape of American politics has changed a lot in the past few decades. While change is normal, and to be expected, not everyone is necessarily excited about these changes, with many suggesting that both sides of politics has changed considerable for the worse in recent memory. Take, for example, that within a few short years, the Republican party has gained the reputation of being the party of those with no empathy. Take a look at this question posed to two Republican leaders that are still idolized to this day about illegal immigrants.

The human factor we see in the video has been replaced by bigotry and hate and have sure done a number on the GOP since. Many faithfuls have jumped ship because of it, moving to vote more independent. But it certainly hasn't stopped them from moving forward.

In response to a New York Post tweet on a man who renounced white supremacy, a growing issue in the US, only after his cronies turned their backs on him after finding out he was gay. It echoed a common theme we've seen played out, and it became the subject of a Twitter thread.