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Source: cadillac

Man Drives From D.C. To New York Without Using His Hands, And The Future Is Officially Here


The prospect of self-driving cars is something that’s really appealing to me, mainly because I can never stop working. 

Think of all the time you’ll be saving while connected to your laptop in your car, banging out some work, getting in an extra 20 to 30 minutes while you’re en-route to your destination to add a few more hundred words to that novel you’ve always been meaning to write. Hell, even if you wanted to finally catch up on Stranger Things, it’d be nice to have a little extra time to do you, without having to get on a crumby train or bus line that’s always late and filled with people who smell like sneeze. 

They’re also, way, way safer, as evinced by this dude’s Tesla who predicted an accident seconds before it happened and automatically braked, saving him and his fellow passenger’s life.