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Photographer Hides Pennywise The Clown In Sister's Engagement Photos



Clowns have been the cause of one too many nightmares for millions, perhaps billions of people worldwide, and you can't blame them. Between the menacing laugh and the really odd makeup choice they made, it's no surprise that they've been antagonized in movies for decades and actual real-life criminals that have terrified entire communities for as long as they've been around. Back in 2016, the clown craze resulted in nationwide panic as people shared their clown-spotting videos all over the internet which ended up helping fuel the mass-hysteria surrounding the bizarre occurrence along with a bunch of parody, spoof, and prank videos that became just as viral. It was a crazy time for everyone and we never really got an explanation of who those clowns were or why they decided that popping in and out of the woods in a menacing fashion was going to be their thing for a few months. 

Now take that fear and combo it with a sibling who hates them? Recipe for disaster. 

Siblings do two things for each other. Help out one another, and prank each other. Jesse McLaren just found a way to do both. 

His sister asked him to take her engagement photos, which he happily did, but he also added a little something extra in there. See if you can spot it. Just don't blame us when you're a bit creeped out by it!d

McLaren added Pennywise the Clown to every photo and so far the happy couple has not yet noticed. You know who did notice though? The internet. 

Although some people found something even scarier in the photos. 

Congratulations to the happy couple. May you have many years of joy and revenge ahead! Hopefully it's a swfit and fitting revenge.

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