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New Touch-Activated, Technicolor Greenhouse Takes Tokyo By Storm

New Touch-Activated, Technicolor Greenhouse Takes Tokyo By Storm
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Updated 8 months ago

A greenhouse has just opened right in the middle of Tokyo. While urban farming is growing in popularity everywhere, this installation has a special twist.

The vegetables are "digital." Mashable reports that the website for art group PARTY's installation reads, "Tomatoes are violin, carrots are trumpet, cabbages are oboe, mini radishes are flute, sweet potatoes are piano, eggplants are harp, pumpkins are clarinet."

That doesn't clarify much as an explanation, so try watching the video before we proceed:

Basically, every vegetable corresponds to a sound, which in turn lights up the greenhouse, making it more of a rainbowhouse.

The #digivege space is drawing people in for its connection to farming and its incredible technicolor dreaminess:

#digivege :p

Posted by Yugov Seva on Thursday, October 19, 2017

#digivege #party

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Tonight we found the #digivege at Roppongi MidTown. You gently touch the vegetables and this happens. #tokyolife

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Always too little time to say hi to everyone. #digivege #mwtravelsdnbhd

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Food is turned into a symphony of sound, color, and finally, taste.

Tokyo Midtown DESIGN TOUCH 2017|でじべじ -Digital Vegetables- by PARTY 🌈🍅🍆🥕🎃✨ http://digivege.jp/ 東京ミッドタウンの芝生広場に、巨大なビニールハウスが出現しました。その中に、7種類の野菜たちがたくましく生きています。葉、根、花、実、そのカタチと色は、生物としての、野菜の生存戦略であり、デザインです。野菜たちに触れると、映像と音で拡張されたデザインを浴びることができます。 10/17(火)〜11/5(日)は、ぜひ「でじべじ」に触れに来てください! 特に、日が沈んだ後のショータイム(初回17:00〜最終回20:45)がオススメです。 P.S. 雨の日は、汚れてもいい靴で遊びに来てくださいね。 ・・・ Tokyo Midtown DESIGN TOUCH 2017|#digivege -Digital Vegetables- by PARTY http://digivege.jp/ A huge plastic house appeared on the grass lawn of Tokyo Midtown. Inside, 7 kinds of vegetables are growing. Leaves, roots, flowers, fruits. The shapes and colors of vegetables are their survival strategy. They are design. When you touch the vegetables, you can bathe in the designs enhanced with videos and sounds. 10/17 (Tue) ~ 11/5 (SUN), come touch the digital vegetables! We especially recommend the showtimes after sunset (first show 17:00 / final show 20:45). 🌈🍅🍆🥕🎃✨ #Roppingi #DesignTouch #Digital #Vegetables #LEDlights #Greenhouse #SoundDesign

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