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Prominent Russian Radio Host And Kremlin-Critic Brutally Stabbed In Calculated Attack



If you want to see two people go absolutely bonkers, just have them start talking about politics and wait to see if they have different opinions about a touchy subject. Then pull up a lawn chair, and a bucket of popcorn, because you're going to get a show.

Some people take their political opinions very, very seriously, however, and will go to some dangerous lengths to silence those who disagree with them.

Which may have been the motivation behind this calculated attack against Anti-Kremlin radio journalist Tatiana Felgenhauer.

A man broke into the Ekho Moskvy radio station offices, armed with a knife, and stabbed Felgenhauer in the neck. The host is in serious condition, but has stabilized and the attacker's been arrested and detained.

What makes the attack exceptionally scary is how "calculated" it was. The perpetrator seemingly had every intention of killing Felgenhauer. The guard at the station was first blinded with gas before he carried out the attack on the radio show host. Another guard in the Ekho office who pinned the attacker down went on the record to say that "he was calm."

Little information has been released on the attacker. The stabbing comes a couple of weeks after Russia TV accused Ekho and Felgenhauer of attempting to destabilize the government and taking money from "The West" to do so.

She's basically been accused of colluding with the United States, and got stabbed for it.

This isn't the first time journalists in the country have been targeted.

There's actually a running list of journalists who have been killed in Russia, with many people believing that the attacks are tied to Putin's administration.

As of now, however, the police are officially ruling out the attack as being politically motivated - it's just a "personal conflict."

It's also interesting that the host of a Kremlin-approved TV station suggested that the government provide protection for the Ekho radio station, due to the repeated number of attacks on journalists who work there.

Do you think Putin would approve of such a request? If so, it would do a lot to clear the air as to whether or not the government is orchestrating attacks against Ekho.

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