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Amazon's New 'Key' Service Lets Couriers Into Your Home And Everyone Thinks It's A Terrible Idea



We all know the delivery struggle. All the world's couriers must have trained at Ninja School or something, because more often than not, you'll receive a notice of a delivery "attempt" at your apartment rather than the package itself.

Plus, if you've ever lived in an apartment complex filled with a bunch of thieves, you know how frustrating it can be when you've received an email that your package was successfully delivered, only to later discover that the building's resident crackhead stole your baby clothes for ramen noodles and needles.

So Amazon, hoping to make the delivery process more reliable, decided it'd be a good idea to develop a solution that would ensure people had their packages delivered right to their homes. It's called Amazon Key.

It's part smart lock, part camera that gives delivery people one time access to unlocked your home's door to deliver a package. Now it seems super secure. There's a camera. There's a registered delivery driver who's name and social security number and all sorts of personal data and held by Amazon. So if they got access to your home and decided to poop in your toilet or steal your underwear, Amazon would know about it.

But it's still giving total strangers access to your home. Which understandably, has people spooked.

I mean yes, we want our packages, but the image of someone you don't know coming into your home is just too much for people to handle.

People are coming up with very realistic scenarios.

Others got a little more drastic with their worst-case-scenarios.

Others just used it as an opportunity to tell more lighthearted jokes.

Others couldn't believe that Amazon would officially announce its Key service after some serious consideration.

Others didn't think it was all bad.

Would you ever use the service? Or is it gonna be a no for you?

If you opt out, you could be missing out on exciting opportunities to meet new people!

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