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Source: getty

More Than 200 Women Come Forward With Sexual Harassment Allegations Against Hollywood Director

By Mark Pygas

More than 200 women have accused James Toback of sexual harassment, according to the Los Angeles Times. On Sunday, the paper ran an article detailing the allegations of 38 women who claim to have been sexually harassed to the director. As of Tuesday, a further 193 women had contacted journalist Glenn Whipp to add to the allegations. 

Many of allegations, which have not been verified, suggest that Toback approached young women, including some who were still in high school at the time, in New York City and offered them roles in an forthcoming film. He would later behave in an inappropriate manner. 

Toback denied the initial reports, saying he never met any of the women, or if he had it “was for five minutes and [I] have no recollection.” He went on to add that it was "biologically impossible" for him to engage in such actions because he has had diabetes and a heart condition for the last 22 years.