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Selena Gomez Gives Her First TV Interview Since Kidney Transplant

Selena Gomez Gives Her First TV Interview Since Kidney Transplant
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9 months ago

When word broke out that Selena Gomez had received a kidney transplant from her BFF, actress Francis Raisa, the internet was in a bit of shock.

Aside from the pop star surprisingly doing very little to promote her hit "Fetish" single, there wasn't even so much as a hint that something was wrong with Gomez's health, but then she dropped the bombshell on Instagram.

Aside from her revealing Instagram post, the 25-year-old artist has kept pretty mum on her condition and what led to her eventual kidney failure, but we do know that she suffers from lupus. And anyone who's watched House knows that the ailment can have deleterious effects on a variety of organs.

But Gomez sat down with NBC's Savannah Guthrie along with Raisa to discuss the entire ordeal.

The full episode is going to air Monday night at 6:30pm EST, but in the clip of the interview, Gomez revealed that she Raisa had volunteered to donate her kidney after hearing the news.

Wolves is out now! 🐺🐺

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The transplant looks like it was a success - Gomez is back in the limelight and is back online, looking as fabulous as ever.

She's currently promoting her latest track, "Wolves," which carries on her chill-electronic sound from "Fetish."


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Gomez, in spite of her illness, has been obviously keeping busy. In addition to new music, she's still helping produce season 2 of the Netflix smash hit, 13 Reasons Why. Not too shabby for someone who got a kidney transplant.

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