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Source: Wikimedia Commons

Taylor Swift Claps Back At Haters Who Blasted Her For Appearing 'Naked' In Music Video

By Tom.

Never question Taylor Swift. The pop star has proven time and time again she really just doesn't have time for Hater's crap. I mean she has an entire SONG dedicated to telling people she's not going to care about their whining, so what makes them think this would be any different? It's true the Grammy winner Swift has a reputation for having a more PG audience especially with younger women, but even the Tswift faithfuls didn't see this coming.

Queen Taylor Swift recently broke the internet.... AGAIN...with the release of her new music video for the song "Ready for It?" In it, she appeared nearly nude... People were NOT happy with the video preview and didn't even bother to check out the facts behind it...

Actually, she was in a body suit:

Source: Instagram: @TaylorSwift

Seems innocent enough but we definitely see where some could be confused a bit. 

Predictably, some critics went after the pop star...