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Source: netflix

Don't Wait For Christmas--These 'Stranger Things' Socks Are A Halloween Must-Have


The '80s horror/sci-fi goodness that is Stranger Things is now in its second season on Netflix and it's one of the streaming platform's most popular shows. It's become a giant cash cow for Netflix and is showing no signs of stopping with it's third season already in the works.

It's easy to understand why, and why the folks over at Netflix debuted new episodes during October: the official month of spookiness and we couldn't think of a better way to celebrate it.

In addition to hours of binge-watching happiness, the show's gifted us plenty of other wonderful things, like this demogorgon costume.

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Now if you wanted to rep your love for ST, you don't have to spend hours creating an amazing full body costume complete with a cool drawstring-mouth-opening mechanism like the one above. You can just wear some socks. Cause of course Netflix would love to cash in on the show's smashing success. It's all about that merchandising after all! 

Well, not just any socks, these super pimp-looking Stranger Things socks that not only feature the show's iconic, red-neon logo, but some characters from the popular series as well.

Tell me you don't want to rock these bad boys on your feet?

Remember Barb? Yeah, you can put her face on your feet.

And if you want to be the baddest badass of them all, here's everyone's favorite telepath, Eleven, to keep your toes nice and toasty.

Those are the only ones currently available on the Stance website right now, and if you scroll through the men's section (but come on, it's not like socks are really gender specific) you can check out some other horror icon designs as well. Personally, I was hoping for some Steve socks, I love how he subverts the typical '80s jerk boyfriend stereotype.